We know this is new, so we’re here fill in the blanks and tie up loose ends.
  1. What is this initiative about? Is it a payment method or an e-payment company?
    This is an initiative to roll out e-payments in coffee shops, hawker centres and industrial canteens. Consumers can choose from a range of 23 e-payment schemes (as of June 2019, and still growing!) to pay for their meals easily and securely. Merchants and small food businesses will also benefit from reduced deployment costs and easier adoption processes.
  2. Which coffee shops, hawker centres or industrial canteens can accept e-payments?
    Click here to see the full list of food centres where e-payments are accepted.
  3. What are the available e-payment schemes I can use to pay for my meals?
    All you need is a mobile phone installed with any of the accepted e-payment apps or a compatible card. Click here to find out more.
  4. How will I know if I can use e-payments at a food stall?
    Stalls that offer e-payments will have a decal clearly displayed that looks like this. Click here to see the full list of food centres where e-payments are accepted.
  5. If I do not have any of the selected e-payment apps or accepted cards in the list, when will they be accepted?
    While the majority of e-payment schemes are accepted, should you have one that is not included in the list, please check back from time to time here for updates.
  6. What if the coffee shop, hawker centre or industrial canteen near my place doesn’t accept e-payments? What can I do about it?
    Don’t see e-payments at a food centre near you? Let us know which area or establishment you’d like to see e-payment enabled next here.